Book of beginnings

With Paper World’s Book of Beginnings, a tabloid* newspaper of a special date (which is to be ordered separately) can be bound together with blank parchment pages designed to present and preserve photos and other mementos related to the day. This beautifully presented hard-covered volume can be used to commemorate a child’s birth, a key birthday, a wedding, a wedding anniversary or any other special occasion.

now just $179.   Book of Beginnings

Great gift idea for special occasions

Each volume has the newspaper hand-stitched to the binding along with 10 double-sided pages of highest quality 280 gsm parchment. The pages are separated by spacers to ensure that the book and binding are not stretched when they are filled.

The thick covers on our Book of Beginnings are finished in either a high quality English Oxford buckram fabric or leatherette and quarter-bound in composite natural leather or buckram. The front panel of each volume can be personalised with the name of the recipient and the date of the special event embossed in either gold or silver lettering, as shown below. We require 10 days to arrange the bookbinding, so orders will generally take at least two weeks from placement to delivery.

Sapphire Blue Buckram Navy Blue Natural Leather composite Silver Tempo
Matt Black Buckram Cinnamon Buckram Gold Garamond
Ochre Yellow Buckram Silver Buckram Silver Garamond
Arctic White Leatherette Silver Buckram Silver Garamond
Shiraz Red Buckram Burgundy Natural Leather composite Gold Garamond
Forest Green Buckram Burgundy Natural Leather composite Gold Garamond

* Please note that the Book of Beginnings can only be used for the binding of smaller format tabloid newspapers. Magazine-style supplements often included in more contemporary newspapers cannot be incorporated into the binding process.

Ideas for a Book of Beginnings

Time Capsule for New-Borns

Capture the early period in a child’s life by combining the newspaper from the day they were born with the Birth Certificate, hospital records and photos from the early part of their life - from the pregnancy to their baptism or naming ceremony. The child’s name and date of birth can be embossed on the book's front cover.

This is Your Life for 18 & 21 year olds

Surround the newspaper from the day that special person was born with a Celebration Certificate (ordered separately) acknowledging their achievements and photos showing how they have grown. Pages can be left blank in the book for those attending the party to record their birthday greetings. The recipient’s name and birth date can be embossed on the front cover along with a 21 st Birthday Key or wording such as “Happy 18 th Birthday’ or ‘This is your Life’, making it an individual gift to treasure forever.

Wedding Day Memories

The newspaper from the day you were married can be combined with your Marriage Certificate and favourite wedding photos. Your names and the date you were married can be embossed on to the front cover along with silver wedding bells.

The First Wedding Anniversary – a Gift of Paper

How appropriate – the gift of an original newspaper from the day you were married for your paper wedding anniversary. Combine it with a dedication expressing what the marriage means to you on our stunning Celebration Certificate (ordered separately). There will also be room for your Marriage Certificate and a selection of photos from your wedding, your honeymoon and highlights from your first year of marriage. Your names and the date you were married can be embossed on the front cover.