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October 2006
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How Your Order is Prepared.

Once an order has been taken over the phone or received via the internet or post, the first task is what we call “picking”. Paper World has over 600,000 newspapers in its archives and these are systematically catalogued and stored in three different warehouses in Melbourne. Picking involves searching through lengthy itemised shelves to find the correct publication. In some cases, the newspapers will be stored in archival boxes whereas in others they are still bound in the library volumes that have protected them for their entire life.

Removing newspapers from library volumes requires considerable skill and often a high degree of determination because of the original bookbinders dedication in binding and gluing the newspapers into volumes. Care is taken to minimise damage during this process.

Once picking is completed, the order is taken to the production desks and repaired as necessary.

Our skilled preservation experts apply document repair tape to the covers of newspapers damaged when being cut out of the library volumes. The repair tape is of archival quality and therefore doesn’t discolour with time. We buy it in 500 m rolls that are made in America and we understand that we are one of the biggest users of archival tape in the world.

The tape is also used to repair any tears or frayed edges of the newspapers. Occasionally we find that small sections of the newspapers have been cut out during the newspapers’ time as library reference documents. Often we find that that this razor blade slashing is of ads for ladies underwear or nylons and it probably dates back to an era when men didn’t have access to magazines catering for such obsessions! We use sheets of archival film to cover any gaps and restore integrity to the page.

Once the newspaper has been restored, a thorough process of checking and double-checking takes place before invoicing. The order is then passed to the packing desk where it is prepared for posting and electronically labelled, ready for its journey to our valued customers.

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21 years ago - 1985


Canon Arthur Malcolm becomes Australia’s first aboriginal bishop
Freehold title to Ayers Rock and the Uluru National Park handed over to the Mutijulu Aboriginal Community
Prince Charles and Princess Diana visit Australia for Victoria’s 150th anniversary celebrations
Victoria Celebrates its 150th anniversary
Jupiter’s Casino opens at Broadbeach, Queensland
The first Formula One Grand Prix on Australian soil takes place in Adelaide with an estimated crowd of 100,000

30 Years ago - 1976

  Total eclipse of the sun in south-eastern Australia
  NSW Premier, Neville Wran announces a trial period for two nudist beaches in Sydney over the summer months
  Report of the Ranger Uranium Environmental Inquiry gives qualified approval to development of Australia’s uranium reserves
  Announcement of a ban on mineral sands mining on Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world

40 years ago - 1966

  President Lyndon Johnson’s visit to eastern Australian states sparks off rowdy political demonstrations. NSW Premier allegedly told police to, “run over the bastards”
  Liberal Reform Group established as a result of businessman Gordon Barton’s publicized opposition to the Vietnam War
  Qantas pilots begin a world-wide strike (to Dec 22)

50 years ago- 1956

  The Post Office introduces certified mail
  Eildon Dam, the largest water storage system in the southern hemisphere, opens in Victoria
  Prince Phillip opens the Olympic Games in Melbourne, the first to be held in the southern hemisphere

  Olympic gold medallists: Athletics: Betty Cuthbert, Shirley Strickland, and women’s relay team. Swimming: Dawn Fraser, Lorraine Crapp, women’s relay team, Jon Hendricks, Murray Rose, David Theile, men’s relay team. Cycling: I. Browne and A. Marchant

60 years ago – 1946

  Commonwealth Arbitration Court declares itself in favour of the 40 hour week (but sets no introduction date)
  Founder of the Gestapo and recently convicted Nazi war criminal, Hermann Göring, poisons himself hours before his scheduled execution
  Federal government approves joint UK-Australia guided missile range in Australia
  Hermann Hesse wins the Nobel Prize for literature

70 years ago - 1936

  British subject of Indian descent, Mrs. Mary Freer, is given a dictation test in Italian to prevent her entering Australia. Later considered a denial of justice carried out under the Immigration Restriction Act
  Bushfires devastate the Casino, Mullumbimby, and Blue Mountains areas of NSW
  Hume Reservoir on the Murray River opened
  First edition of Life magazine is published

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In this segment, we give you a peek behind the scenes at Paper World by interviewing some of our staff on the ins-and-outs of the old paper biz. This issue we’ll hear from Keith.

Name: Keith

Role at Paper World: Production and Sales.

Year started at Paper World: 2006

Favourite Newspaper: The Argus, Sydney Morning Herald (1910 – 1960)

Favourite Magazine: Vintage National Geographic's.

Favourite Presentation Product: Clear archival sleeves.

Value-for-money tip: Vintage magazines.

Most underrated product: Blank Classic Folders.

Favourite customers: ones that have done their research.

Most interesting query from a customer: “I’d like to place an ad in the Sydney Morning Herald”

Most unusual order from a customer: Multiple vintage copies of the Adelaide Advertiser covering the floods.

Myth about Paper World you’d like to explode: We don’t do copies or “Just the front page”.

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Taking things easy...
Source: Sydney Morning Herald,
February 1966.
A gang of about six safe-breakers spent a comfortable weekend in a Dee Why store which they robbed of $12,000.

They made up comfortable bed for themselves, drank huge amounts of coffee and softdrink and ate all food they needed.


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Customers often give feedback about our service via telephone, email and even the occasional letter. Here is a recent selection we’re particularly proud of:

Hi There Adele & Julia,
Just a little note to say thank you so much for sending me the newspaper for my son’s 30th Birthday.
It was so lovely talking to you both.
Take Care,
From Sonia

Thank you, love doing business with you, I have bought a few
of these for different people and they're thrilled with the papers...cheers
Thank you.

You guys are amazing, I received the package today and I only ordered on Wednesday night.

In time to give on the birthday.

Thanks again.


If you have any enquiries, please contact us via, rather than replying to this newsletter address, which is used for the automated subscription processing.

Kind Regards,
Alan Waters

P.S. Please do remember we are offering a rarely seen discount on newspapers to you, the newsletter subscriber.

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