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Adelaide Advertiser

  • Broadsheet until 1997, then a tabloid.
  • First published 1856
  • Published in the morning, Monday to Saturday
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  • Anniversary Newspapers: 1910 – 1989
  • Recent Back Issues: 2000 – present
  • Although not South Australia’s first newspaper, the Advertiser is perhaps the State’s - if not the country’s - most recognisable newspaper with bold advertising covering its front page until 1942
  • Although a broadsheet newspaper, The Advertiser broke conservative traditions in the first half of the century by using a bold format on its front page rather than the tight column style synonymous with the period.
  • The Advertiser’s individuality was also reflected in its reporting of the news with a more liberal and slightly sensational sentiment, giving the Advertiser a strong identity that distinguished it from other Australian dailies
  • Perhaps in a bid to hold on to this individuality, it retained its broadsheet format as late as 1997, but changed to a tabloid not long after introducing colour to its pages.