Privacy Policy

Paper World Privacy Statement

Paper World is sensitive to customers' needs about the privacy of personal information. This statement details information we gather and what we do with it, so you can rest assured that you know what will happen to any information you send us.

Information We Gather

When you place an order, the information is sent to us in an encrypted form which cannot be intercepted. We do not gather any other personal information on you or your internet browsing. We do track hits on our web pages, but we only store the total number of accesses per page, not who accessed the page.

What We Do With That Information

Information you give us while making an order is stored in our secure database. We do not share this information with anyone else and treat all details of your order as confidential.

Paper World have an email list to whom we send monthly newsletters. When you place an order you are given the option of joining this list and once on the list you may unsubscribe at any time.

When sending out an email newsletter we only track the number of times our newsletter is opened. We do not track who opens it just the total number of times it is opened.

Security of Information

We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to encrypt information to ensure that no-one can intercept it when it is sent over the internet. This means you can be confident that your details will be kept secure when shopping at Paper World's online store.

Credit Card Details

We do not store or hold credit card details at all. All orders placed through our web site are processed using Commenwealth Bank's CommWeb® secure payment client so that we never see your credit card details and all security is handled by CommWeb.