How can Paper World supply original newspapers from so long ago?

Most of our older newspapers spent their youth in library reference volumes which became redundant with the advent of microfilm. Our founder, Alan Waters, purchased the library de-acquisitions for a decade or more until he had sufficient stock to establish this service. See our origins for further details.


Why do newspapers prices vary?

Prices vary according to scarcity and demand. We are endeavouring to manage our newspaper stocks such that the business is sustainable and that future generations will also be able to purchase these unique momentos.


Can I get just the front page of a newspaper?

No, we only sell complete original newspapers. This means we can't sell you only part of a newspaper.


Why can't I find the newspaper with a particular date?

Unfortunately, due to all our newspapers being originals we sometimes run out of stock for a particular date. If this occurs on a date you're interested in you can always call us on 1800 811 755 to double check availability.


Can you help me find a specific article/notice I'm interested in?

We don't have the facilities for searching through newspapers to find specific articles or notices. If you have a particular item of interest but you're not sure which date it appeared in the newspaper you can visit your State library and find it on the microfilm catalogues. If you then want to purchase an original copy of that newspaper you can check our catalogue to see if it's available.


Can I get a copy of the front page or an article?

No, we only sell complete original newspapers. This means we don't do any reproduction or copying of newspapers.


Can I come in and pick up my order?

No, Paper World does not have the facilities for customers to pick up orders.


How is my order packaged?

A. Each order has a taxation invoice/receipt attached to it (unless it is being sent to the recipient), is sealed in a plastic bag, and sent out in a sturdy custom made cardboard box. For extra protection, orders of three or more folders are enclosed in bubble wrap, and then placed in the cardboard box.


How long until I receive my order?

We require two days to process and package your order before dispatch. The amount of time until you receive it then depends on the type of postage you select, and where the order is being sent to. You can see more detailed information on our delivery page.


How much does shipping cost?

For a full schedule of shipping costs and time frames, please see our delivery options.

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