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Herald (VIC)

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  • Broadsheet
  • First published 1840 as the Port Phillip Herald
  • Published in the afternoon on Mondays to Saturdays until 1990
  • Sunday Herald published Sunday Mornings from 1989 to 1991
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  • Anniversary Newspapers: 1903 - 1991
  • One of the main ways Victorians caught up with the day's news, sold on city street corners to afternoon shoppers and evening commuters.
  • Unlike other broadsheet newspapers published before World War II, ran bold headline news and photographs on its front page rather than classifieds, and was rewarded with consistently high circulation figures
  • After the war, it's popularity continued, providing Victoria's most comprehensive sports coverage, extensive department store advertising and added features sections.
  • Declining profitability in the latter half of the century meant that The Herald was combined with its morning counterpart, The Sun, to form the Herald Sun, now Australia's most popular daily newspaper

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