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The Herald Sun

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  • Tabloid
  • Published on Mondays to Saturdays since 1990
  • Updated PM Editions published from 1990 to 2001
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  • Anniversary Newspapers: 1990 - 2002
  • Recent Back Issues: 2003 - present
  • One of the most influential newspapers in Australia, enjoying the highest circulation figures in the country
  • Continued the more accessible news-pictorial presentation of The Sun, with large photographs, sensational stories, second-to-none sports coverage and a high proportion of colour since the mid-1990s. It is also included more supplements such as Thursday's music and entertainment insert, Hit.
  • Initially published a PM edition with updated lead headlines and articles, but the edition was scrapped in late 2001 when its publishers, The Herald and Weekly Times, released a free afternoon commuter's newspaper, MX.

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