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The Sun (VIC)

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  • Tabloid
  • First published 1922 as the Sun News-Pictorial
  • Published in the mornings on Mondays to Saturdays until 1990
  • Sunday Sun published on Sunday Mornings from 1989 to 1991
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  • Anniversary Newspapers: 1922 - 1990
  • With bold front-page headlines photos as well as easy-to-digest news coverage in a tabloid format, The Sun was the first newspaper of its kind in Australia, becoming instantly popular, particularly with the younger market.
  • During the late 1920s and 30s many newspapers around the nation attempted to imitate The Sun, but its circulation figures were never matched.
  • In 1990, The Sun was merged with its afternoon counterpart, The Herald, to form the Herald Sun, now Australia's most popular daily newspaper.

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